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Our Services

Since our commencement, we have constantly provided these services to our clients in a professional manner, thanks to our experience and loyal staffs who ensure that customers receive delivery at the right time and right destination

We believe in providing quality, efficient and effective service in both Air and Sea freight, and not just services.

Our Office

Please contact us for any of the below services:

Customs Clearance: At RESCUE Shipping we understand how important “time is of essence” in project delivery. Our customs procedures unit within the clearing department is well versed in Ghana’s Customs Requisite procedures in both Air and Sea clearance. As such our estimated clearance time have a usual variance of less than 3%. We strive at all time to deliver within whatever constraints.

Freight Forwarding: We are well equipped to move cargo from any port within the West African sub region. Our agency offices across West Africa and beyond places us in a very strategic position to pick up both Air and Sea freight at ease. We have good relationship with all the major Air lines and the Shipping lines, and for that reason we are able to quote our clientele a very competitive rate including consolidated cargo.

Deconsolidation: We are experts in processing consolidated items / groupage containers. The delicate nature of rendering this service requires extra care in terms of handling and deveining in order not to cause damage to the fragile items. Our experience in rendering this service places us in a much better position to deliver as promised. Our records have shown that, over the period, we have not had any incident of damage that may cause financial loss to our principals and ourselves.

Freight Collect: We can act as recipients of freight on behalf of our principals here in Ghana. Our reconciliation department makes sure that all freight collected is remitted immediately.

Door-To-Door: We offer door-to-door delivery services to customers who for some reasons may not want to be at the port. These services give customers ample time to attend to their other businesses. Factually, our customers have admitted and recommended that our door-to-door delivery service is second to none due to the high level of professionalism exhibited by our package delivery staff in rendering this service.

Warehousing: We have access to well protecedt customs bonded warehouse at a very moderate fee.

Crew Brokers: We act as brokers to supply the following listed expertise:

Crew Brokers: We act as brokers to supply the following listed expertise:

  • Chief Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • 3rd Engineer
  • Captain
  • Chief Officer
  • 2nd Officer
  • Electrician
  • Ratings

We are also capable of supplying all that you may need to keep your crew healthy on board


Rescue Shipping is prepared in developing business relationship with any company that is interested in moving cargo along, into and out of West Africa.

We are capable enough to handle any volume of shipment that may consign to us..

We assure our potential clientele of these key business cardinals: Your reputation and interest as a company will always be protected. Your downstream clients will receive first class professional services. Your excellence services will be made known to Ghanaian importers. We will do everything possible to increase your shipment to Ghana. Our charges will continue to be the best among our competitors


Haulage: The haulage division of Rescue Shipping provides comprehensive logistics and transportation support to various business units. The division currently manages a fleet of 50 trucks within a direct and indirect partner-ownership open agreement platform. The trucks are well maintained and drivers are well trained professionals.

Investment: The investment division focuses on providing members of the public the options of micro-financing loans to take care of their immediate needs. We also broker large consortium loans and in some cases act as guarantors for our clientale.
Trading: The trading division focuses on trading of non- traditional commodities including Salt, Rice, Sugar, Shea nut etc. for both export and import.

Technology Support: We focus on supply and maintenance of IT equipments across all the industrial sectors in Ghana.